Play as Donald Trump of America

Well, as the title says, with this mod you get to play the real estate mogul, Donald Trump.

civ6trumpmod civ6-donald-trump-mod

Donald Trump in Civilization 6

– Passively has 3 Trade Route slots and each Trade Route gives a minimum of +5 gold.
– Real Estate Agent (Replaces Settler): An upgraded settler that can move 5 tiles per turn, claim cities, and claims more land (similar to the Civ5 Shoshone passive).
– Trump Tower: A wonder of the Commerce District that yields 5 gold/turn, 3 great merchant points/turn, and 7 production/turn.

How to install:
– This is a scenario
– Download and unzip to ..\Sid Meiers Civilization VI\Base\Assets\Scenarios folder
– Enable the mod and play selecting Donald Trump as your leader

Github link

Download mod [8KB]

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not a bit OP?