AI+ (AI Plus) Mod version 9.0

And here is version 9.0 of the AI+ mod made by Siesta Guru for Civilization 6.

AI+ Mod version 9.0

This mod is on a quest to make the Ai more competitive.

New in this version:
– Updated for the ‘winter patch’
– They won’t retreat nearly as fast
– Significantly increased AI ability to take both un-walled and walled cities through the following changes:
– They’ll now usually bring the correct siege weapons necessary
– Changed some problems with low settle-speed in v8
– Fixed a bug that made it very unlikely for late-game city attack operations to start.
– Made it so they end up slightly friendlier overall (without decrease in wars, just slightly more green faces)
– These changes mean civs will now occasionally end up completely taking over entire other civs and can sometimes take late-game cities.
– Further re-balancing on building priorities etc.
– Reverted the change that allowed barbarian scouts to take civilians as it was affecting AIs way too much
– They get much less distracted by enemy units and don’t run all over your territory

How to install:
– Unzip to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Modsfolder
– Activate mod in Additional Content menu
– Start a new game.

Credits: Siesta Guru

Download [23KB]

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