8 Ages of Pace – Slow down man


This mod is meant to change the default pace of the game.

Do you find the pacing of the game feels off? Eras rush pass you at break neck speed? No time for wonders, buildings or districts until they’re no longer needed? Units move so slowly on roads the war is over and they are obsolete by the time they get anywhere? Borders full of holes even in the modern era (which begins in 1500)?

Then 8 Ages of Pace is the mod for you! Still in early stages of development, this mod addresses many of the imbalances in the pace of the game such that it feels complete from the Ancient to the Information era. Changes made so far include more significant road upgrades with every era, faster border growth, and techs/civics that get significantly more expensive with later eras.

Once I’m more familiar with the game I plan to release more compatible mods such as 8 Ages of War that will address balance and playability in other aspects of the game

How to install:
– Download the .zip file
– Unzip it to /My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/8 Ages of Pace/
– Start game and go to additional content to ‘enable mod’

Download – version 1a Alpha

Thank you for sharing

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