Civ6 mods from donald23


Here are the first 3 mods coming from donald23 avid gamer.

donald23 Civ6 mods

1 – Passable Mountains
The first mod makes mountains passable, while still keeping them as mountains (for sake of Holy Sites and other adjacency bonuses). I gave them a movement cost of 5. So basically you can only enter a mountain when standing next to it or late-game when you have units that really have a lot of movement points.
2 – Current Time of Day
The second mod is a small LUA script that checks the time of your local computer and syncs the Ambient Time of Day function in the game with that. It uses a similar script that updates the in-game clock, only checks less often. I have it set to check every minute if the time has changed.
Be aware that this does subtle changes and especially if playing during the day you might not see an effect directly!
3 – Brothel Building
The third and last (for now) mod is a new building. Since art modding is non-existent currently, it has no new art defines. Which means it shows up with a Stonehenge icon in the build list and a Monument icon when actually building it. It has no art on the map either. But it works, it provides +1 Amenity to the city at a maintenance cost of 2.

I hope to see many more mods from this modder, I like these mods, espeacily the first one. I really don’t see why mountains aren’t already passable in the game.

Download [54KB] Passable Mountains
Download [82KB] Current Time of Day
Download [116KB] Brothel Building

Thank you for sharing

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