Civilization VI No intro video – Remove the starting logos


This is how you can remove the intro logos and cinematic.

Civilization 6 No Intro


– Download empty logos.bk2 and civ6_cinematic.bk2 files
– Go to ..\Sid Meiers Civilization VI\Base\Platforms\Windows\Movies folder (where the game is installed)
– There you can replace the 2 original files (backup first!)
– If can replaces one or both files, the decision is yours
– After that the game will start black and will go to main menu in a few seconds
– And in case you got questions, just leave your comments below.

Note: If you have the game on Steam, then the folder is:
..Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\DLC

Hope you find this useful, any suggestions are most welcomed 🙂

Thank you for sharing

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What is the necessity of this, while it is easy to remove it through inside of the game!!