Larger Map Sizes – Bigger space to play


Thanks to this mod, now you can play Civ 6 on bigger maps!

civ6-larger-maps-mod-2 civ6-larger-maps-mod-1

New maps sizes:
– Huger – 116×72
– Massive – 128×80
– Giant – 140×86

Note: May not work so great on older computers. For Giant maps is recommended that you have a intel i7 processor.

Credits: Michael Flynn
Thank you Michael for such a nice mod! 🙂

Download [18KB]

Thank you for sharing

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With this mod you cant join on Local Multiplay (untested on online), when you click join nothing happens. Only fix is to set the map size to one of the vanilla ones, let the other players join, and then change the map size to one of the modded ones