MOAR Units Mod 0.1 – Add more units


MOAR Units Mod adds more units such as Rifleman and six more.

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MOAR Units Mod 0.1

List of added units:
– Rifleman
– American Minuteman
– Arabian Camel Archer
– Chinese Cho-Ko-Nu
– German Hussar
– Greek Hetairoi (Companion Cavalry)
– Sumerian Phalanx

Rifleman Info
Musketman now upgrades to Rifleman and Rifleman upgrades to Infantry.

American unique Industrial era unit that replaces Musketman. Slightly stronger than Musketman, and gains +5 Combat Strength when fighting in or adjacent to its home territory. Also gains additional +5 is fighting in Forest or Jungle.

Camel Archer
Arabian unique Classical era unit. Gains additional +8 Combat Strength when fighting on Desert or Plains.

German unique Industrial era unit that replaces Cavalry. Slightly cheaper than Cavalry and has +1 sight, +50% flanking bonus and +5 Combat Strength when attacking ranged and siege units.

Greek unique cavalry unit that replaces Horseman. Uses Heavy Cavalry promotion tree. Slightly stronger than Horseman, and gains +5 Combat Strength when fighting outside home territory.

Sumerian unique Ancient era unit that replaces the Spearman. The Phalanx is available with the discovery of the Mining technology. +8Combat Strength if fighting within 8 tiles of a Ziggurat improvement.

Chinese unique Medieval era ranged unit that replaces Crossbowman. Slightly less strong than the Crossbowman, but can attack twice per turn.

How to install MOAR Unites Mod:
– Download and unzip
– Copy MOAR_Units folder to /Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/
– Copy MOAR_Units_Assets folder to game’s root folder (e.g. …/steamapps/common/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI) overwriting original files
– Always backup your files first!

Download version 0.1
New version

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