Quick UI – Less clicks to get things done


This mod is meant to help you by making the interface better, optimized for play speed.

Full image preview:

Quick UI mod for Civilization VI

Quick UI is a DLC to reduce the amount of clicks required to get things done.
The mod should reduce onsets of carpal tunnel by reducing the amount of input you need to provide to get output from the game.

Main features:
– Right click = turn will end immediately
– Many pop-ups were removed
– Housing, Border Growth visible from overview
– Luxuries and Strategics at top panel

How to install:
– Go to ..\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\DLC folder
– Make a new folder with the name qui
– Unzip the mod to qui folder
– Play using Quick UI DLC

Credits: vans163


Thank you for sharing

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There is a problem when adding this to the game.
A lot of strategic, bonus and luxury resources appears in the same tile, with an annoying appearance, I couldn’t upload a photo of it :(.