AI+ (AI Plus) Mod version 6.0


This is update 6.0 for the AI+ (AI Plus) Mod made by Siesta Guru.

Civilization VI AI+ Mod version 6.0

Various improvements for Civ VI AI.

New in 6.0 version:
Fixed the ‘no theatre districts’ issue.
– Small fixes/tweaking improvements.

New in 5.0 version:
– Better terrain improvement
– More trade routes
– Reintroduced long distance strikes for civs on islands. (land-unit based)
– Added new ‘expansionist’ civs (England, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Scythia) on top of the vanilla Rome.
– Added Brazil and England to cultural civs (on top of the vanilla: France, Greece (both leaders), Kongo, America)
– Added Sumeria to the scientific civs (see older changes)
– Added Spain to the militaristic civs
– Added France as a…

Read more from a previous version

How to install:
– Unzip it mod to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Modsfolder
– Enable it in Additional Content menu
– Start a new game.

Download [16KB]
New version

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