Biao’s Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Mod


Biao’s Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Mod comes with multiple changes.

Civilization VI Biao’s Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Mod

To install, just extract it into your mods folder. For me it’s on Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Mods. **Compatible with the Fall 2016 Update**

I made a mod that changes the Strategic Resource system and tech tree to fix the problem where city states and AI civs are still attacking you with chariots, slingers, and warriors in 2025.


So this mod fixes this by making changes to the tech tree as well as overhauling the strategic resource system. I agree with a lot of you in that dead-end techs are theoretically a good idea and provides choice, but as of now it messes up the AI. I really do hope Firaxis will address this issue shortly.

* **I “tied” up the tech tree a lot. This ensures the AI will always research the prerequisite units in order to upgrade.** There are more prerequisite techs now and so there is less “beelining” and era skipping. No more silliness like having satellites without computers. Also, I removed almost all the dead-end techs by making them prerequisites to future techs.

I also changed the Strategic Resource System.

* **You no longer NEED to have a copy of a strategic resource to build units like the Swordsman, the Musketman, the Fighter, etc.**

* HOWEVER, you still need Uranium to make Uranium units. This prevents everyone in the world having 30 nukes. It’s the only Strategic Resource that actually makes sense. No empire has ever been limited by a lack of Iron when it wanted to get swordsmen.

Doesn’t this make Strategic Resources on the map basically just Bonus Resources then?

* No. The mod makes it such that while everyone can build a swordsman anytime, those who DO have Iron have a advantage.

* **All strategic resource units are much weaker than normal if you build them without access to their associated resource**

* **If you have at least one (1) copy of a strategic resource in your empire, then ALL units normally associated with that resource have full vanilla combat strength.**

* As for the exact numbers, all strategic resource units are weaker by 5 from their vanilla strength. Having the resource will add 5 to that to bring them back to normal.

* This does not apply to unique units like the Legion. They are at full strength even without the resource

* **This makes it such that you don’t NEED to have a Strategic Resource, but it makes you WANT to have it.**

* I made the Knights count as both Horse and Iron units. So the combat bonus for having both resources will stack. They are weaker by 10 from their vanilla strength.

* The AI now builds air units.

* I fixed a major annoyance in that Horsemen are faster than swordsmen, are equal in strength, and are CHEAPER, so there is never any reason to choose swordsmen over horsemen. WTF Firaxis. So I made horsemen more expensive than swordsmen.

I have tested the mod many times and the AI will always upgrade its units if it has the tech and money to do so. Also, the player is less limited by the scarcity of resources.

Author: Novemberisms

**Special Thanks**
/u/RushSecond , /u/Shrubbles123 , /u/Bear_Is_The_Limit , /u/tyrannus1115

Download [5KB]

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Love your mod! Makes the AI a challenge now.
I noticed the mod works perfectly on Single Player. But on Hotseat, the unit descriptions (in tech tree and unit panels) of the affected units come up as code strings.
Do you know if there’s a fix for this?