Cyrus the Great and Persia Civ mod


This mod adds Persia civilization with Cyrus the Great as their leader.

civ6mods-persia-mod civ6-mods-persia-empire

Civilization IV Persian Empire

– Cyrus the Great as leader
– Every Envoy sent to a city-state counts as two, if its Suzerain has a different government than Persia.
– +2% Gold per City-State you are the Suzerain of.
– Persian unique Ancient Era Unit replaces the Spearman. It is cheaper to build and heals at the end of its turn, even after moving or attacking.
– Apadana – a unique Persian district used for Housing and Economic Growth. It provides housing as though it were an Aqueduct, and yields +1 Culture in internal trade routes.

Installation guide:
– Download and unzip it to Mods folder
– Activate it in Additional Content
– Start new game.

Credits: DreadHerring

Download [11KB]
New version

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