KinetiKam 1.1 – Custom Camera / Zoom mod for Civilization 6


Zoom all the way down to see your empire in much details.

Civilization VI KinetiKam 1.1 / Zoom mod

– You can zoom in closer and zoom out further
– Pitch of the camera also adjusted

How to install:
– This mod is basically an edited file from game directory that you must replace
– So, first of all, backup your original file! You may want to uninstall it later
– The file it’s here: ..\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\ArtDefs\
– There you have to replace file Camera.artdef
– That’s it. Now you can start or load a savegame.

Credits: [email protected]!n

Download [2KB]

Thank you for sharing

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The Explorer

Thank you very much [email protected]!n! This mod is awesome!

I was going to quit playing Civ 6 because of the lack of zooming during battles it has. But you changed it to what it should have always be!

Thank you!!!

Have a great year!

The Explorer