Lower Warmonger Penalties Mod for Civilization IV


As says in title, this mod will reduce the penalties for declaring war.

Civilization 6 Lower Warmonger Penalties mod

– In original version you have a sharp jump up to 8 “warmonger points” when you enter the Classical era. Then it goes 16 at Medieval, 24 at Renaissance, and 32 for the rest of the game.
– With this mod, it only reaches 4 at Classical, 8 at Medieval, 12 at Renaissance, 20 at Industrial, 28 at Modern, and then the usual 32 for Atomic and Information. You can easily adjust these numbers in the sql file as you wish. However, changing the numbers won’t change the in-game notification of what warmonger level your actions will have, as those are handled in a separate tag, so keep that in mind if you’re being weird with the numbers.

– Unzip to mods folder (..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods)
– Make sure it’s active in ‘Additional Content’ from main menu.

Credits: pyroflare77

Download [1KB]

Thank you for sharing

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Could you please make a mod that removes all warmonger penalties after, say, 100 Gabe years?