MOAR Units Mod 0.4 – Another nine


MOAR Units Mod is no at version and comes with 9 new unique units.

Civilization VI MOAR Units Mod 0.4

This mod adds in total 28 unique units + Rifleman and Cuirassier.

New Unique Units:
– Tessarakonteres (Egypt) Egyptian unique naval ranged unit. Stronger than the Quadrireme it replaces and has range 2 instead of 1.
– Amazon Scout (Scythia) Scythian unique Ancient era recon unit that is stronger than the regular Scout.
– T-34 (Russia) – Russian unique Tank replacement that costs less to build and less maintenance. +5 Combat Strength in or adjacent to own territory.
– Onager (Rome) Roman unique siege unit. Stronger than the Catapult it replaces.
– Panzer (Germany) German unique Tank replacement that has +5 Combat Strength when attacking.
– Yamato (Japan) Japanese unique naval ranged unit. Stronger than the Battleship it replaces.
– Sepoy (India) Indian unique melee unit that replaces the Rifleman. Fights at full Combat Strength when damaged.
– Tercio (Spain) Spanish unique Renaissance era anti-cavalry unit.
– Sickle Swordsman (Sumeria) Sumerian unique melee unit. +5 Combat Strength versus damaged units.

Other Changes
– Amazon Cavalry now made the same as Knight but can move after attacking.
– Fixed some text issues.
– Camel Archer no longer replaces Heavy Chariot.
– Merged small art/icon changes from the Fall patch.
– Fixed Equite Warrior-adjacency modifier.

Previous version

How to install:
– Download and unzip the mod, 2 folders will result MOAR_Units and MOAR_Units_Assets
– Take content from MOAR_Units_Assets folder and paste it to game’s root folder which is /steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI – overwriting original files
MOAR_Units goes to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Activate the mod in Additional Content
– Start a new game.

Credits: Deliverator

Download [152KB]

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