Multiple Units per Tile Mod


As the title implies, Multiple UnitsĀ mod will allow you to place moreĀ units on the same tile / spot.

Civilization VI Multiple Unit per Tile Mod

– You can place up to 3 but you can change that by editing GlobalParameters value from the MultiUnit.sql file

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How to install:
– Download and unzip it to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Then activate it in Additional Content menu
– Now start a new game.

Credits: gyogen2

Download [7KB]

Thank you for sharing

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this works for the player but when the AI moves units into 2+ in a tile the instant their turn ends it’ll reset to 1 unit per tile and teleport the extra somewhere else


So I had this mod installed with others, builders mod and fish farm. And I kept having to stop my games since I would get a great people but none were available. So I removed all mods and reloaded them on their own and the Great people were not there when I had this multiunit per tile mod… I am totally incompetent with coding so trying to fix this for me is out of my realm but figured I should pass the info on.

The Happy Dalek

Following up with Michelle, I am having the same issue. When using this mod (and I know it’s this mod because when encountering the problem I went through each mod by itself) great people are removed entirely from the game.