Quo’s Rocketboots Mod – All units move faster


Quo’s Rocketboots mod will give all units +1 movement points.

Civilization VI Quo’s Rocketboots Mod

– Want to go even faster? Edit code.sql and increase the +1 to a number of your choosing. Great for Online speed games, testers, or anyone with generally low patience. May affect the AI’s ability to fight (but may actually make them more effective by disentangling them).
– Note that rivers or jungles will still slow the units, so an element of strategy remains.

How to install:
– Download and unzip it to mods folder (..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods)
– Enable the mod in Additional Content menu.
– Start new game.

Credits: isau

Download [0.8KB]

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