Restart Button Mod by Remgrandt


Restart Button mod adds, well, a restart button that is actually very useful.

Civilization VI Restart Button Mod

– Restart the game with the same settings.
– Selects new random seeds and should be region free.
– Note: It uses MainMenu.lua and InGameTopOptionsMenu.lua files or it won’t work with other mods that use the same files!

How to install:
– Unzip the mod in root folder – where the game is installed
– It will replace game files, so you should backup up first!

Credits: Remgrandt

Download [12KB]
New version

Thank you for sharing

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Thank you so much. This has been great! So handy.


How do you install this restart button on Mac OS

For Steam installations, you simply need to copy 3 files (not folders!) from the RestartButton folder to their corresponding folders inside the Civilization It’s very simple once you know where the files go. Read the instructions to the end and make a backup (as instructed) before making changes. Extract the mod and notice the RestartButton’s directory structure: RestartButton 1.0.722-1-0-7/Base/Assets/UI/Menus RestartButton 1.0.722-1-0-7/Base/Assets/UI/FrontEnd The last four folders correspond to four folders inside the game app. Preview: you will copy the file from the /Base/Assets/UI/Menus folder above to the /Base/Assets/UI/Menus folder inside the game app. You will then do the same for… Read more »

I don’t mind you posting about the mod here, but please don’t rehost the files here. There have been several updates to the mod, and users won’t benefit from them if they download an old version from this site.

Latest version will always be at:


Did as instructed.. Restart button not showing up…
Im running verison


me to, downloaded to file as instructed and nothing showing up???? On Windows 10 here.


If you’re using the Win10 steam patch the mod won’t work. In steam options for the game you can direct which version to launch, be sure to NOT use the win10 specific version.

That’s what helped for me anyways.


How can you set the option to not use the Win 10 version in Steam? I can’t find it.