thecrazyscotsman’s Omnibus Mod 1.0


This is the first version of the Omnibus Mod made by thecrazyscotsman.

Civilization VI thecrazyscotsman’s Omnibus Mod

Civilization VI introduces rulesets, a way for modders to provide options within their mods. This mod utilizes this feature extensively by providing three rulesets: Standard, Enhanced, and Complete. In order to select a ruleset other than Standard, you must use Advanced Options when creating a new game and then select from the Ruleset dropdown menu.

Standard Ruleset
– Increased population requirement per district to 4
– Reduced science per population from .7 to .5
– Changed how the Industrial, Commercial, Campus, and Theater district buildings work:

  • 1st tier building now provides a small base yield
  • 2nd tier buildings now provide the requisite yield equal to the district’s adjacency bonus
  • 3rd tier buildings now provide a 15% yield boost (with the exception of Power Plants, which provide +3 regional production)

– Revamped Sewer:

  • Sewer now has +1 Amenity
  • Adds new Cistern building: +2 Housing, unlocked at Irrigation, required to build Sewers
  • Adds new Water Treatment Plant building: +2 Housing/+1 Amenity, unlocked at Plastics. Requires Sewer to build.

– Aerodrome changes:

  • Aerodrome receives adjacency bonuses: +1 gold from Neighborhoods, +4 gold from Commercial Hubs, +2 gold from City Centers
  • Removed Aerodrome population requirement (can now be built in any city)

– Resource changes:

  • Aqueducts provide +2 food to Oases. Also provide +1 food to all tiles within 2 range.
  • Campuses provide +2 science to Mercury and Uranium
  • Commercial Hubs provide +1 gold to Furs, Salt, Cotton, Dyes, Silk, Spices, Sugar, Tobacco, and Silver.
  • Encampments provide +1 production to Copper, Iron, Horses, and Niter.
    • Barracks provide +1 production to Copper
    • Stables provide +1 production to Horses
    • Armory provides +1 production to Iron and Niter
  • Entertainment Complexes provide +1 culture and +1 gold to Cocoa, Truffles, and Ivory.
    • Arenas provide +1 gold to the same resources.
    • Zoos provide +1 culture to the same resources.
  • Holy Sites provide +2 faith to Stone, Incense, and Wine.
    • Shrines provide +1 faith to the same resources.
  • Industrial Zones provide +1 production to Gypsum, Aluminum, Coal, and Oil.
  • Theaters provide +2 culture to Coffee, Tea, Marble, Diamonds, and Jade.
    • Amphitheaters provide +1 culture to the same resources.
  • Granary base yields are removed and housing is reduced to 1. Provides +1 food to Bananas, Cattle, Citrus, Deer, Rice, Sheep, and Wheat.
  • Water Mill resource bonuses are removed. Now provides +1 food, +2 production, and 1 housing.

– Coastal city changes:

  • Harbor adjacency bonus: +2 food per adjacent sea resource and +2 gold for adjacent City Center
  • Harbor district: +1 food to coast and ocean tiles when built.
    • Lighthouse: +1 food to all sea resources.
    • Shipyard: +1 gold to coast and ocean tiles and +1 food to all sea resources.
    • Seaport: +1 food to coast and ocean tiles and +1 production to all sea resources.
  • Lake tiles are effected as well

– Specialist changes:

  • Increased Industrial, Commercial, Campus, and Theater specialist yields from 2 to 3
  • Harbor specialists: provide +1 food, +1 gold, and +1 production.
  • Most districts now receive specialists from the 2nd and 3rd tier buildings only

– City state yields have been reduced to balance Bank, University, Museum, and Factory yields from adjacency bonuses:

  • Scientific, Cultural, Religious, Commercial, and Industrial city states give their matching district types +1 yield instead of +2
  • Commercial city states give capitals +2 gold instead of +4 (other CS bonuses to capitals are unchanged)
  • Military city state bonuses to unit production are unchanged

– Policy changes:

  • Updated the Free Market, Grand Opera, and Rationalism policies to provide bonus yields to each building of the proper type instead of a 100% increase (the % increase didn’t stack properly with bonus yields from district adjacency bonuses)
  • Reduced 100% adjacency bonus policies to 50% (Holy Site and Harbor increases were not changed)

Enhanced Ruleset
– Standard Ruleset features
– Fighter class aircraft no longer require Aerodrome to build
– Increased XP gains from Barbarians until the third promotion level is reached, also doubled Barbarians XP softcap
– Increased Military Engineer charges from 2 to 3, reduced cost
– New policy (Army Engineer Corps) provides +3 charges to Military Engineers, unlocks at Civil Engineering
– Buffed Forts, Great Wall, Roman Forts:

  • +5 to healing rate
  • +1 sight range
  • Ability to see hidden units (like Privateers or upgraded Scouts/Rangers)
  • +4 defensive strength (same as vanilla)
  • 2 free turns of fortification (same as vanilla)

– Naval Raider units now can enter foreign borders without an Open Borders treaty
– Counterspy mission increased to 64 turns
– Extended Theming bonuses:

  • Amphitheater now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying writings from different authors
  • Great Library now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying writings from different authors
  • Oxford University now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying writings from different authors
  • Hermitage now receives a 100% theming bonus for displaying objects of the same type from different artists.
  • Broadway now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying music or writings from different Great People.
  • Sydney Opera House now receives a 50% theming bonus for displaying music from different musicians.
  • Cathedral great work slot can now accommodate sculpture in addition to religious art.

Complete Ruleset
– Standard + Enhanced Ruleset features
– Revamped how units and strategic resources interact

  • No units require strategic resources to build any more
  • All units which previously required strategic resources now have -5 base strength
  • If you have access to the requisite strategic resource, those units are buffed back up to base strength

You can read more here.

How to install:
– Unzip the mod to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder.
– Activate the mod in Additional Content.
– Start a new game.

Credits: thecrazyscotsman

Download [21KB]

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