YnAMP – Yet (not) Another Maps Pack for Civ6 – Alpha 10


YnAMP Yet (not) Another Maps Pack reaches version alpha 10 and comes with new options and fixes.

Civilization VI YnAMP Alpha 10

A pack of maps and scripts, culturally linked start location or TSL.

New in this version:
– added the “Largest Earth” map of ludicrous size (230×116) with TSL and Cliffs
– added cliffs to the Greatest Earth Map thanks to Hormigas
– fixed Culturally Linked Location that was not working anymore on the standard map scripts
– fixed continents name on the Greatest Earth Map and the Giant Earth
– added option for stone for Stonehenge, marsh for Mt St Michel and closed Bosphorus (Giant Earth only for testing ATM)
– fixed Japan TSL on the Greatest Earth Map
– can launch an empty map with only terrains in the WB (independent options for rivers, features, natural wonders or resources)
– renamed some capitals in ruleset “light”
– change some resources placement rules in ruleset “light”
– add niter around starting location of some Civilizations
– add option to use more random placement on imported maps (rivers, natural wonders)
– re-ordered the options list, with better naming
– speed up loading time in the WB

Previous version

How to install:
– Unzip it to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Enable it Additional Content menu
– Start a new game and use new map types.

Credits: Gedemon

GitHub link

Download [346KB]
New version

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