YnAMP – Yet (not) Another Maps Pack for Civ6 – Alpha 9


YnAMP just got another update but it’s still in alpha stage.

Civilization VI YnAMP – Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Alpha 9

– Enormous map size (128×80 = civ5 huge) for all map scripts
– Giant map size (180×94) for all map scripts
– Ludicrous Map Size (230×115) for all map scripts
– Allows to set game with more than 50 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen
– A conversion of Genghis Kai’s GEM (Hormigas version – Earth of Giant size)
– A conversion of NiRv4n4’s Europe (Hormigas version – Enormous size)
– A conversion of Greatest Earth Map by djvandyke (Huge size)
– Culturally Linked Start Locations for all maps
– True Starting Locations for the Real World maps
– Add Ethnicity entries for City States and the forgotten Aztec.

– The Giant map is way above the size of the Huge map, it may or may not load on your PC (and will take some time to do so)
– The Ludicrous size is the max map size before the game refuse to load, and will take more than 4-5 minutes to load (or crash)
– For all size above “Enormous”, I’d suggest to lower the textures size in the video option, the game use almost all the 6GB of VRAM of my GPU.

– bug fix : importing features must not delete Natural Wonders.
– add cliffs to Giant Earth and Europe map thanks to Hormigas
– change Cliffs of Dover yields (2 food, 1 culture, 1 gold)
– add option to import continents name from a civ5 map
– add option for random rivers placement on imported maps
– add option for random features (forest, jungle, …) placement on imported maps
– add resource exclusion zone to Greatest Earth Map
– add hidden parameters in config.xml to control ice placement on south and north on imported maps when…

You can read more here.

How to install it:
– Unzip to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Enable the mod in Additional Content menu
– Start a new game and choose new map type.

Credits: Gedemon

GitHub link

Download [247KB]
New version

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