Civ6++ Mod version 1.11 – Rebalancing


And here is mod Civ6++ at 1.11 version. It’s meant to re-balance a lot of things in the game.

Civlization Civ6++ 1.11 mod

– Rebalancing district progression, min city distance, barbarian camps, spies, religious spam, scouts.
– Vanilla districts are tied to the number of techs/civics researched and the average of all players (BS rubber band mechanism).
– I changed that to a system akin to the settler cost progression: each additional district of the same type costs 20 more.
– All religious units have a +50% cost increase for each subsequent unit for less religious spam and scouts have a 12 instead of 10 combat value.
– The min distance between cities is increased from 4 to 5 for less city spamming and number of barbarian camps reduced by 1/3, religion spreads 30% (10–>13) further from adjacent cities to accommodate for the increased cost of religious units in favor of more macro than micro.
– Due to the higher min distance between cities, the regional range of district buildings has been increased from 6 to 7.
– Counter spying now lasts 40 turns if not interrupted manually, thus reducing the clickfest.
– All adjustments can easily be changed or deleted in the corresponding files.

How to install:
– Download and mod unzip to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Make sure mo it’s enabled in Additional Content
– Start a new game.

Credits: ElGuapoCiv

Download [3MB]

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