Italian Civilization 1.02 Beta


As the title says, this mod adds Italian Civilization to Civ6.

Civilization VI Italian Civilization 1.02 Beta

It’s based upon Albion of the Lombards.

– Bounty of Luxuries – All Luxuries owned by Italy spread to six more cities than usual.
– Triumphal Arch -The Triumphal Arch replaces the monument.
– Grand Square – The Grand Square replaces the Amphitheater and provides gold from the markets held there.
– Condottieri – The Condottieri are a stronger version of the Knight.

How to install
– Unzip it to mods folder: ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
– Make sure it’s enabled in Additional Content.
– Start a new game with the new civ.

Credits: DavDarkelf

Download [8KB]

Thank you for sharing

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Hi, how can I translate this to italian language?
Can you pass me the required files?