Portugal Civilization Mod 0.6 Beta


Portugal Civilization Mod got updated again with new features but remains still in beta stage.

Civilization VI Portugal Civilization Mod 0.6 Beta

– João II – Henry the Navigator Legacy Trait
– Feitoria – Unlocks at Mercantilism
– Nau – Now unlocking at exploration
– Caravela Redonda – Portuguese War Caravel
– Botafogo – Unlocks at Gunpowder, Portuguese “spitfire” Galleon
– Bairro Alto – Unlocks at Humanism. A neighborhood with a lot of history and culture.

How to install:
– Unzip to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\mods folder
– Activate it in Additional Content
– Start a new game with Portugal civ.

Credits: raen

Download [16KB]

Thank you for sharing

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Your description of the Civs features is lacking. Explain the effect of these traits and bonuses, and how the unique units compare to the ones they replace. We want to know what these do before we decide to download.