Restart Button Mod 1.0.7


And here is version 1.0.7 for the Restart Button mod, now working with game build (241523).

Civilization VI Restart Button Mod 1.0.7

– In case you missed this mod, well, it does what the title says. Adds a restart button to main menu. This way you can restart the game using the same settings but new random seeds.

New in this version 1.0.7:
– Compatible with game build (241523).

How to install:
– Just unzip the mot to root directory of the game: /steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI (for Steam users).

Credits: Remgrandt Nexus Mods page

Download [17KB]

Thank you for sharing

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I need restart button mod version 1.0.6… Plz give me the download link.
I can’t find that file anywhere…
Even the Nexusmod don’t provide that version.
Plz give me the 1.0.6 version.