Strategic Industry Mod 4.01


Strategic Industry was updated again with new stuff and fixes.

Civilization VI Strategic Industry Mod 4.01

v 4.01:
– Fix: Added Japan’s unique building, the Electronics Factory as an alternate prerequisite for some units.
v 4.0:
I have made major changes to get the mod closer to my original vision:
– Alternate gunpowder units including the Nitrary building have been removed.
– Added strategic resource icons to naval unit names for easier identification.
– Building Prerequisites: Relevant Units now have a greater variety of buildings from the Industrial Zone, Encampment, Harbor, or Aerodrome as requirements.
– Duplicate Copper and Iron Units a have been removed.
– The Research Lab is now required for most Information era and some Atomic era units.
– Archery, Anti-cavalry, and Melee units have no resource and building requirements. But receive combat strength buffs from resources. This way city-states can have a bare minimum defense and stay modernized.
– Added more valid terrains for strategic resource generation.
– Copper and Aluminum mines can now be constructed without the need to remove Forests and Jungles.
– Energy: includes Horses, Coal, Oil, Uranium. These resources are required by relevant offensive units.
– Materials: includes Stone, Copper, Iron, Niter, Coal, Uranium. These resources increase combat strength of relevant units but are not required.
– Added Biao’s Strategic Resource mod which enhances unit combat strength with strategic resources

Note: From version 4.0 and above, this mod requires: MOAR Units and Aztec DLC.
Also this mod is compatible with: Slavery, Specialized Industry and Modern Buildings.

How to install:
– Download and unzip
– Content Strategic Industry sub-directory should be pasted to Mods folder ../Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods
– Content of the Art_Assets sub-directory should be pasted to root directory ../steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization VI overwriting original files. Backup first in case you want to remove the mod.

Credits: UncivilizedGuy

Download [149KB]

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