The Test of Time Mod by Horem


This is version 1001 of the The Test of Time Mod by Horem for Civ6.

Civilization Vi The Test of Time Mod

– 55 new buildings with new modifiers associated to them.
– These New buildings affect everything from gold, culture to bonus combat strength.
– Serval New buildings also will assist with housing and growth

2 new districts
– Merchant Quarter – Available in Early Empire, and holds many of the new buildings.
– The Commercial Hub is now a Financial district
– The Souq, unique to the Egypt, and replaces the Merchant Quarter.

46 new Technologies 6 new Civics
– Reworked Tech Tree to have two paths to research from. The top of the tree is set for more passive inward building of ones empire vs the bottom part of the tree is geared towards those wish the fight and conquer.
– Boost for each new Tech is tied to new Great Scientist, 16 in all with of course the great modern Scientist of all Neil Degrasse Tyson.
– 6 new civics as also brings the civic tree in line with the theory of the tech. Top for inward building and bottom for outward. New Policies to go along with the new civics, from plus food in all cities to bonus combat vs city states.

New Game speeds
– 4 new game speeds with a tier system for the tech/civic tree. Each tier of the tree gets more costly instead of by era.

Reworked Resources and Improvements
– Resources that take a mine should now only spawn on hills, and no more ivory on tundra, or niter in a flood plain
– Unique Improvements have been updated so they cannot be built next to each other, thus help limit the spam. Looking at you Tomyris

Moar Unit
– Many new units for each Civ.
– New Basic Naval Units
– Updated Upgrade paths
– New Setting Settler called the Nomadic Settler. This unit can never be built, and has more sight and movement than the normal settler.

General new Rules
– Adjusted cost of Great people and projects to fit in line with the new pace of the game
– Adjusted cost of units and buildings to balance out the new buildings to insure GPT is a challenge to manage
– Updated Crater Lake and Dead Sea to add more food to make them more viable settling spot.
– Updated the range of the slinger and machine gunner to range 2
– Adjusted the embarkment place for builders and settler to fit in with the new tech tree.
– Adjusted city growth mechanic to feel more in line with history. Growth is slower, untill the industrial revolution, thus district choosing for each city is more important
– Adjusted War Weariness for more likely war throughout each era.

– All new Techs and Civics have their own custom Icons to add personal flavor and eye candy!

You can read more here

How to install:
– Download and extract
Test of Time folder goes to ..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
– Content from TT Assets goes in game’s root folder overwriting original files
– Game’s root folder is where your game is installed, for Steam users it should be ..Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Credits: Horem, Hajee and Dirtyface.

Download [3MB] [v1001]

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