CIV6 City Name Generator Mod v34


This is City Name Generator Mod now also for Civilization VI.

Civilization VI City Name Generator Mod v34

– Instead of picking from the usual list of real place-names, this mod attempts to create a new name whenever a city is founded, by stringing together words appropriate for the civilization and the local landscape.
– For example, a city founded by England, next to a river, a forest and a cattle resource, might get named “Cowbridge Wood”.
– The translated meaning of these names can be read in the map tooltip when hovering the mouse over a city centre.
– Names can also change dynamically when certain events occur. For example, “Cowbridge” might become “Cowminster” if the first district it builds is a holy site.
– Works for all vanilla and DLC civs. Does not require DLC.
– Civs added by mods will not be affected, and will use their default names.

You can read more here.

How to install:
– As usually, unzip it to mods folder.

Credits: HandyVac

Download [0.1MB]
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