Even Moar Units: The Aztecs 1.6


Even Moar Units: The Aztecs adds 2 in-game units. You must have Aztec DLC.

Even Moar Units: The Aztecs 1.6

Jaguar Warrior and Warrior Priest

Jaguar Warrior – Unique Aztec melee / replaces Swordsman:
* +7 Combat Strength points when attacking.
* -7 Combat Strength points when defending.
* May capture defeated enemies, turning them into Builders.
* Ignores terrain movement cost in Jungle and Forest.

Warrior Priest – Aztec unique support unit available with the Mysticism Civic:
* Can be purchased with Faith.
* Adjacent Melee, Anti-Cavalry and Ranged units fight at full strength when damaged and earn Great General points from kills.

You can follow the mod here.

How to install:
– Download and unzip it to mods folder
– Activate in Additional menu
– Start a new game.

Credits: Deliverator

Download [70KB]

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