Even Moar Units: Macedon and Persia 1.0


Version 1.0 of Even Moar Units: Macedon and Persia mod made by Deliverator.

Even Moar Units: Macedon and Persia 1.0 mod for Civilization VI

– This mod adds 4 new units, 2 for Persia and 2 for Macedon empire
– Pezhetairos and Ballistra for Macedonia
– Cataphract and Royal Warship for Persia

– Unique Spearman replacement. It’s stronger than Spearman and gets +10 Combat Strength versus Melee units (negating the usual penalty).
– Unique Catapult replacement. +17 versus non-District tiles (negating the normal Siege penalty) and -10 versus District tiles.

– Unique Classical era heavy cavalry unit. Has 39 Strength and upgrades to Knight.
Royal Warship
– Persian unique Naval unit. Replaces Galley. +5 [ICON_Strength] Combat Strength when attacking. Also gives +5 Combat Strength to adjacent land units and +2 movement if they start their turn in an adjacent tile.

How to install:
– Unzip to My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Activate the mod in Additional Content.
– Start a new game.

Credits: Deliverator.

Download [56MB]

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