Rule with Faith Mod v9


This is update v9 of the Rule with Faith Mod made by JFD.

Rule with Faith Mod v9

Rule with Faith (RwF) attempts to bring greater political and religious depth to the game. At present, RwF adds new Cultural and Religious policy slots, 36 additional policies, and 3 new Governments.
In addition, some of the existing Governments have been re-named for political saliency, several existing policies have been changed to cultural/religious ones, and Potala Palace and the Forbidden City have been changed to grant 1 Religious policy slot and 1 Diplomatic policy slot, respectively.
Important: Legacy bonuses are as far as I can tell hard coded, and thus new ones cannot be created. Therefore, the last three Governments (formerly, Democracy, Fascism, and Communism) do not provide legacy bonuses – they do still provide a percentile bonus on top of their main effect, however.

New in this version:
– Great Theologians – a partner to the Great Prophet that uses their point system but cannot found a Religion (technically, founding a religion and GP abilities are mutually exclusive, hence the unique GP). Great Theologians, like other non-Cultural/Prophet GP can be expended for a special effect. Military Orders policy changes to reflect this, and Contemplation added as an upgrade to the Revelations policy at Reformed Church.
– God-King no longer obsoletes with Scriptures (as it obsoletes with Court Eunuchs).
– Added reference to CQUI. Remember, however, that references are currently broken and so incompatibilities can only be fixed on Firaxis’ end, as RwF and CQUI both overwrite the same UI files and the mod that loads last will have theirs used.
– Synagogue now yields +3 Faith, +3 Gold.
– More additional Policies: Imperial Columns (Cultural) and Stained Glass (Cultural, succeeds Imperial Columns).
– Fixed some additional missing titles.
– Additional Great Prophets to cover the Post-Renaissance game.

How to install:
– Unzip to My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder
– Activate the mod in Additional Content.
– Start a new game.

Credits: JFD.

Download [8MB]

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Professor Picke

awesome! Love this mod